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LMG, Lopez PR and Marketing Group, is a leader in brand management for over 25 years. Our clients represent major national and international brands, including beverages, fast food restaurants, baseball equipment manufacturers, and healthcare networks.

Over the years, we have provided advertising, branding, public relations, communications, and interactive solutions for our clients. Many of them continue to return to us to provide new services and products as they grow and expand their businesses. This long and fruitful alliance with our clients attests to our ability to create clever, innovative, effective marketing strategies, reinforce their brand, maintain core purchasers, and develop new consumer bases.

Lopez PR and Marketing Group Marketing Company 

Our marketing company expertises in the Hispanic market which allows our company to give our clients the best insight on the services that we offer. With our true marketing techniches and our professional work, you can rely on us to help you in many ways.  We focus on helping companies grow their business, increase sales and build brands that will succeed. 

Our company is focused on integrating earned media and brand engagement. We provide insight on many different types of services that other firms do not offer. We prioritize our clients and help increase their advantages of getting the results they look for in sales. 

When searching for a reliable marketing company, Houston’s Lopez PR and Marketing Group offers unique and winning marketing strategies that will make sure your company thrives. We help companies grow by using researched and tested marketing strategies to engage your current customers while enticing new ones to join our family.  

Services Offered:

  • Integrated marketing: Our company works with clients, both large and small and we execute traditional marketing strategies and campaigns that effectively drive sales. 

  • Social Media Marketing: Holistic planning, Brand strategy, Social media management, Content creation & marketing, Virtual branding, and SEO have become more than just tools to us. They are a path to merging your product or service to moments, lifestyles and fond memories. We help increase brand positioning, sales and ROI. With LMG, numbers don’t have to be cold.

  • Experiential marketing: We develop innovative display-activity while providing an attractive medium for your consumers to interact with your brands and products. The result will increase brand awareness, and bottom line profits. We aren’t just your ad agency, we’re your partner—a vehicle to deliver your product to consumers, retailers, live broadcasts, crowd-pleasing events, and beyond.

  • Consumer promotions: LMG Marketing Group offers comprehensive services, and retail is no exception. From concept to development, to the final purchase, we excel in designing and executing in-store intercepts, sweepstakes, and retail activation programs. We will help you increase your sales… and your bottom line. After we help devise your marketing strategy and set it in motion, we work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your product is displayed to attract customers and sales. 

  • Healthcare marketing: Our connection to the Hispanic market offers our clients an insight that other firms can’t provide and we help harness that advantage into winning marketing strategies that get results. We understand the needs of the Hispanic healthcare market and we are in tune with the latest healthcare and technological trends and advances, especially as they apply to the multicultural community.

  • Event Management: Our team excels in developing out-of-the-box concepts that break through to your consumers and engage them on emotional, visual and conceptual levels. We can develop, plan, promote and execute your event seamlessly. Let us be an ambassador to your vision, your product, your company and your brand.

  • TV/ Radio Production: As part of our full range of services, we provide far-reaching production services at the local, regional, and national levels. We also offer copywriting in both English and Spanish. LMG is your turn-key solution for compelling, memorable, and effective TV and radio production. Our Multicultural connection enables us to design commercials that are relevant to the Hispanic consumer. We don’t just translate concepts into Spanish, we create Hispanic advertising. 

  • Product Placing: MG Marketing Group conducts extensive outreach within the Hispanic community so we understand the cultural and societal considerations that

trigger buying action within this group. We couple our print and broadcast advertising with public relations and in-store merchandising to connect consumers to your products and entice them to buying action.

With integrated marketing, we integrate strategies that deliver a full message towards marketing companies that your brand may be using. Social media marketing is one of our main approaches to grab the attention of clients. It helps with promoting the services offered as well as bring in traffic from all ages and groups. This benefits you most since we also have access to the hispanic community which truly doubles the number of clients we bring in. 

By using experiential marketing as one of our approaches, we are able to use events and live marketing to increase the amount of clients that your company may benefit from. This approach allows your business to bring more clients and attract more attention since it is a marketing approach that is easily visible and available to others. We also prioritize putting ourselves in the audience’s shoes so that the company can have a clear picture of who the target audience is. This is why consumer promotions are one of our most focused approaches since it allows businesses to better connect with clients. 

Healthcare marketing helps by targeting specific suppliers for them to be able and attract new patients. This allows for an increase in awareness of the healthcare business. Maintaining patient loyalty is also a very important aspect that is considered when attracting new clients or just even with the already existing clients. Our focus is also on event management which allows the company to manage different ways of creating and development of events. These events give us the ability to reach different types of people which results in an increase in clients. Events can bring in traffic from many different types of groups of people to notice your business more easily. This definitely has an impact on how many clients your business brings in. 

The reason why we provide TV and Radio production is to be able to reach a higher amount of audiences. This approach has an entire range of services that reach local and national levels. With our multicultural services, hispanic consumers are able to create effective TV and Radio production that reaches both the hispanic and english community. This connection to the hispanic market also allows us to design commercials directed to the hispanic community. Creating hispanic advertisements is our specialty and we are able to provide much more than just spanish translations. 

With our many forms of advertising, product placements is a fantastic approach that targets a much larger audience. This form of advertising helps branded goods and services become noticed in production approaches. Product placement is a great way to reach more clients without having had direct contact with them yet. 

The many forms of marketing change consistently. This does not mean that the same forms of marketing solutions that have worked for many years will suddenly not work anymore. What this all means is that there are advanced forms of marketing that can truly help companies thrive and succeed. Clients gravitate towards our services to execute traditional marketing campaigns that fit into their existing marketing strategies which help combine traditional marketing techniques with complimentary efforts. 

Hispanic Marketing

Our professional team here at Lopez Pr and Group Marketing offers a wide variety of marketing and advertising services. We have a major focus on the hispanic market for many reasons. It gives us the ability to not only provide advertisements in English but also Spanish. This approach allows us to connect with the hispanic community and it also increases the growth in clientele. 

With 25% of the population being hispanic, we bring an increase in innovation and growth to all clients. We are able to directly communicate with the hispanic audience which produces an increase in clientele results. Our multilingual approaches help businesses reach the goals they have to succeed. 

Our full service hispanic marketing team is capable of helping your business reach your goals of success. With our knowledge in hispanic marketing, our agency is able to translate in both english and spanish, which help brands gain a much better understanding of what it means to market for the hispanic community. 

The Hispanic community is known to have the fastest growth in customers of a focused trait as the largest rate in the increase of consumer buying power. These traits differentiate from age, cultural norms, languages, how much one owes and  how much one is paid. The collection of submarkets, being the latino and hispanic market, can truly represent many different countries and its origins.

Our insights are immediately put into action as we target data and strategic media of the hispanic market. This allows for media partnerships to provide the correct information to the right group of people. We help align your brand’s values with insight in cultural truth in a way that is very powerful and relevant. 

Are you Ready to Grow your Business?

We prioritize communication with our clients as well as organization. Our prioritizations are vital to help your business grow.  We recognize that your time is valuable. With our many key strengths, all of your marketing needs are met here. Our professional staff makes sure you will receive updates on projects and on the progress made. 

Lopez PR and Marketing Group Marketing Company is a solid system and will improve the way marketing companies work as a business. We have professional advisors that have a lot of experience working in social media marketing,  integrated marketing, Experiential Marketing,  Healthcare Marketing, Event Management, TV/ Radio production, Product Placing. 

Understanding the Hispanic market and how to utilize strategies is what we do best. As we consult and analyze we help clients realize the importance and need of the Hispanic community and engagement with your consumer base.


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