As a business that offers advertising, we prioritize using this approach in order to help you gain a high amount of clientele. We focus on using advertising as a way to lead your business towards a higher success. 

Lopez PR & Marketing Group specializes in marketing and advertising. Our multilingual approach offers you the ability to tell your story in two languages. Lopez PR & Marketing Group has been a leader in brand management for 25 years. We provide our clients with a culture based voice that speaks directly to a hispanic audience in an authentic way that produces results.

Our marketing company is integrated in using strategies to help clients who are in search of business growth and development. Advertising is used in almost every industry, it is very beneficial when helping a business get noticed. Our marketing services offered will increase the chances of your business receiving the amount of clientele expected. 

When in search of an advertising agency, Houston’s Lopez PR & Marketing Group will provide you top advertising services that will result in major growth of your brand. Our focus is on getting your services known to a bigger audience and we assure that those are the results that await you.

Why is Advertising Important?

Advertising is an important approach in the world of marketing. It is used as a way to build an overall picture of what it is that your client is in need of. It is a way to promote something that will eventually lead to a sale. 

Advertising approaches also require financial investment. This approach leads people to be interested in what is being promoted which eventually results in a doubling of income. 

There are many ways to use advertising skills for a business and although it is time consuming, it will provide all of the benefits you are looking for. We offer valuable customer service to all of our clients so make sure all of your needs are taken care of. 

Hispanic Advertising Agency

Our dedicated team here at Lopez Pr and Group Marketing offers a wide variety of marketing and advertising services. With all that we offer, hispanic marketing has been our main focus.  With our multilingual approaches, you have the ability to not only provide advertisements in English but can provide advertisements to the hispanic community as well, which is at least 25% of the population. 

With our culture based voices, our direct communication with the hispanic audience produces an increase in clientele results. This also brings an increase in innovation and growth to all clients. 

Our full service marketing team is capable of helping your business reach your goals of success. We have got you covered on the needs of your brand to help your business thrive. Our Hispanic marketing agency excels in language translating, stereotypes and generalizations that have allowed brands to gain a better understanding of what it means to market for the hispanic community. It has also allowed for a better way of engaging. 

Advertising services offered:

  • TV/Radio production: As part of our full range of services, we provide far-reaching production services at the local, regional, and national levels, as well as copywriting in both English and Spanish. LMG is your turn-key solution for compelling, memorable, and effective TV and radio production. Our Multicultural connection enables us to design commercials that are relevant to the Hispanic consumer. We don’t just translate concepts into Spanish, we create Hispanic advertising.
  • Consumer promotions: LMG Marketing Group offers comprehensive services, and retail is no exception. From concept to development, to the final purchase, we excel in designing and executing in-store intercepts, sweepstakes, and retail activation programs. We will help you increase your sales… and your bottom line. After we help devise your marketing strategy and set it in motion, we work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your product is displayed to attract customers and sales. 
  • Social media marketing: LMG isn’t only about data, we are about personal experience and value. We bring warmth and human connection to what others view as just impersonal means of awareness.Holistic planning, Brand strategy, Social media management, Content creation and marketing, Virtual branding, and SEO, become more than just tools to us; they are a path to merging your product or service to moments, lifestyles and– why not– fond memories, increasing brand positioning, sales and ROI. With LMG, numbers don’t have to be cold.

With Radio and TV production, you are able to tell a story that sells. TV and radio production is a highly effective method that allows you to reach a wide audience for your business. This allows for your brand to be created as a memorable image using creative messaging. 

With consumer promotions, your business can find new customers easily. This service provides skilled techniques that are used so that a business can increase their amount of clientele as well as reward current customers. By enhancing the value of your products, your business has a chance of having a higher number of clients. 

Social media marketing is also another way of promoting a product. This is done by using social media platforms as a way to promote the services. Social media marketing is a very effective and popular tactic that helps bring a wider audience since social media is available to anyone. Almost everyone has a social media account which has made it easier for the marketing world to use social media advertising as a way to reach different types of people to learn about a specific service or product. 

Connect with audiences across the globe today!

According to Jeff Humphrey, director of the Selig Center and author of the Multicultural Economy report, “The buying power estimates and differences in spending by race and/or ethnicity suggest that as the nation’s consumer market becomes more diverse, advertising, products and media must be tailored to each market segment.” 

The Hispanic community is known to have the fastest growth in customers of a focused trait as the largest rate in the increase of consumer buying power. These traits differentiate from age, cultural norms, languages, how much one owes and  how much one is paid. The collection of submarkets, being the latino and hispanic market, can truly represent many different countries and its origins.

Our insights are immediately put into action as we target data and strategic media of the hispanic market. This allows for media partnerships to provide the correct information to the right group of people. We help align your brand’s values with insight in cultural truth in a way that is very powerful and relevant. Contact us today!