In today’s current market, it is crucial to have an ideal perspective of your business and know who your target market is. We focus on finding ways to increase customer’s engagement with your company. As we collaborate and create innovative campaigns, our projects will help guide your business to reach your specified audience. Our goal is to develop a strong social presence in your specific target market to create a staple and be a key player in your industry.

As time and perception is crucial, our team prioritizes on key growth development and solution-based strategies to help businesses become organized and get directed on the correct path. We understand the importance and respect the subject of public relations and having a respectable, credible, and trustworthy reputation. We strive in shaping and constructing your proper image while also tackling public affairs if necessary. As a professional pr agency we specialize but are not limited to traditional marketing. We also bring innovative trends, ideas, and content to the table. This being said, bridging that gap between your audience and the Hispanic community is our specialty.

When considering PR agencies, Houston’s Lopez Marketing provides professional services and expertise into a multicultural market. Our experts provide our clients an insight that other pr firms can’t match. We continue to harness that advantage into winning marketing strategies that get results. We understand the unique needs of the Hispanic healthcare market, and we are in tune with the latest healthcare and technological trends and advances, especially as they apply to the multicultural community.

Hispanic PR

As a Public Relations and Marketing Agency, we acknowledged the impact of the Hispanic community in today’s society. Hispanics play a key role in today’s population growth. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2019) there are currently 60 million Hispanics located in the United States. In the Houston area Hispanics consist of 45% of the current population. Understanding the growing market and knowing their cultural values and influence the community brings to the market is ideal to today’s age. As we develop a game plan for each individual client we smooth the transition of your brand’s message to the Hispanic community. We are skilled in connecting brands and creating positive relationships with the Hispanic community.

Earned Media

Why is this important?

Staying relevant and keeping up to speed is a priority to be noticed in the competitive market. We help focus on social interaction, buzz, and gaining an organic following with your consumers. We assist in generating leads, push/pull marketing, and brand positioning. Using strategies such as influencer outreach, testimonials and blogger relations allows your brand to be in tuned while also being perceived in the light you are aiming for.

Presenting your image to your following and other audiences you are trying to engage with can be tricky as every community has a different set of core beliefs, values, and ideologies. The main goal of our company is to be able to interact and present your image in a strategic method that viewers can consume and digest properly. We focus on what is the message you are trying to get across to your target market, and how do people receive that message. By analyzing data and utilizing feedback we use different sources to overlook and guide through on how to properly communicate your message to the audience clearly.

What is Brand engagement?
First interactions, impressions and proper exposure are all crucial items when it comes to Public Relations. Knowing the direction of your business and what you are trying to accomplish as a company is difficult if a proper path or guidance is not present.We are here to help understand the behavior consumers develop when they first engage with your brand. We dive into reasons why the perception of your image is developed and what triggers that certain specific behavior. As an experienced team with a proven track record and skilled in multicultural relations we discover solutions and ask what we can do to help convince the audience to associate with your company and understand what actions they took to do so. Contact us today!

Understanding PR and utilizing proper marketing strategies is what we do best. Let us guide you to properly deliver a clear and direct message to your consumers while also turning your new clients into lifetime customers. As we consult and analyze we help groups realize the importance and need of the Hispanic community and their engagement with your consumer base.

Services include:

  • Consumer Relations
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Public Affairs
  • Brand Engagement
  • Brand Image Strategies
  • Hispanic Public Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Traditional Media Production

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